September 2008


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NFSC Portal for Journals

New issue of Lokaratna and Folklore and Folkloristics are available on the NFSC portal for journals. You can also find full archives of the Indian Folklore Research Journal on the site. Click on the journal names to access them.

NFSC Portal for Conferences

The World Religions Congress to be held on the theme ‘World Religions after September 11: An Asian Perspective’ at the Jamia Millia Islamia has invited abstracts. Visit the NFSC conferences portal for details. Mail for help with putting your conferences online.


The NFSC would be offering courses online that can be taken by independent scholars, students or teachers as part of a curriculum or as stand-alone modules. The site offers the convenience of online learning and access to several other resources. Most courses are currently under construction. Click here to visit the site.


NFSC has brought out the following books recently:

  1. Oral Epics of Kalahandi
    Mahendra Kumar Mishra
  2. Epic of the Warriors
  3. Mailaralinga Jatre

Click on the titles for details.

In our Archives

Folktales build community, contain the mythology and shape the worldview of a people. Read the Khasi tales and Jenu Kuruba tales that have been uploaded to our site.

The new issue of Indian Folklife on ‘Manipuri Rolklore: Towards a Performance Approach’ with guest editor Nongthombam Premchand will be available here shortly. Full archives of the Indian Folklife issues are available here.

September 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the National Folklore Support Centre! We are quietly and modestly working very had all year round and September shall adhere to that norm.

Before that, here’s what we’ve been doing in August. The first papers relating to the Digital Community Archives being established in six locations has been uploaded to our site. Contributions have been invited for the Encyclopaedia Indica. New journals and conferences are available/have been announced on our portals. More details below and in the side bar…

Here’s what we’re planning for the coming weeks: Our director M.D. Muthukumaraswamy will be travelling to Germany to participate in a workshop on ‘Staging Religion’ at University of Heidelberg and teach a short course in University of Wurzburg early in October.

The Padmashree Komal Kothari Endowment Lecture would be held on the theme, “Folk Time Measures Adapted in Art Music” by Dr. Rita Rajan, retired Head of Department of the Music Department, Queen Mary’s College. Read about our founder chairman Komal Kothari in the July 2004 edition of Indian Folklife that commemorated the life of a folklorist who extensively researched and documented the folk arts of Rajasthan and was the receipient of several national awards.

Website renovation and redesign work is due. The good news is that the site will be back to efficient performance with a brand new look as soon as we can manage it. The bad news is some links in this newsletter and the site might temporarily go out of order. Kindly bear with us. Thank you and keep reading…


Our fieldwork officers and collaborators have been busy setting up the Digital Community Archives

Our collaborator Kikkeri Narayan has outlined the use of space and the cosmology of the Jenu Kuruba community here. Worship rituals provide a wealth of meaning and insight into the worldview of the community in his study of phallus worship.

Digital Community Archives established with a grant from Ford Foundation are located at:

  1. Piparia, Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh
  2. Sinepali, Naupada district, Orissa
  3. Arangottukara, Thrissur, Kerala

With grants from the Tata Education Trust:

  1. Jenu Kuruba Archive, HD Kote, Karnataka
  2. Nari Kurava Archive, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu
  3. Seraikela Chhau Archive, Jharkhand

You can follow the links from for regular updates.


We are glad to announce that we are now accepting contributions for the Encyclopaedia Indica. Find out how you can contribute here.

As part of the series of workshops accompanying attempts to collect art for the Encyclopaedia project, a Gond painting workshop would be held on September 11. Read more about Gond painting and our resource person.


Our director M.D. Muthukumaraswamy would be participating in a workshop on ‘Staging Religion’ to be organized by the University of Heidelberg and would present a lecture-cum-workshop on South Indian folklore at the University of Wurzburg afterward in the first week of October.


Friends in Chennai, please do make time to participate in our events to promote folk arts and contribute to discourse on folklore in the city!

Dr. Rita Rajan, retired Head of Department of the Music Department, Queen Mary’s College, would be delivering the Padmashree Komal Kothari Endowment Lecture on “Folk Time Measures Adapted in Art Music”. Individual invitations with details of date and venue will follow soon.

The Tamilnadu Thiraipada Iyakkam and NFSC would jointly present French films, ‘Mouchette’, directed by Robert Bresson, (1967, B&W, 80 mins.) on September 24 and ‘The Last Mistress’, directed by Catherine Breillat, (2007, Col. 95 mins.) on September 25 at 6.30 p.m. as part of the Contemporary World Cinema screenings at the NFSC.

NFSC presents SIDH (42 mins. Hindi/English) as part of the films from the Shikshantar Andolan series on ‘Re-membering Nai Taleem’ on September 9 at 6 p.m. The film shares the work of SIDH in Mussorie where they are trying to develop education models which keep children rooted in their local communities.

- Malarvizhi. J
Programme Officer (Publications and Communication)

National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, registered in Chennai, dedicated to the promotion of Indian folklore research, education, training, networking, and publications. The aim of the Centre is to integrate scholarship with activism, aesthetic appreciation with community development, comparative folklore studies with cultural diversities and identities, dissemination of information with multi-disciplinary dialogues, folklore fieldwork with developmental issues and folklore advocacy with public programming events. Folklore is a tradition based on any expressive behaviour that brings a group together, creates a convention and commits it to cultural memory. NFSC aims to achieve its goals through cooperative and experimental activities at various levels. NFSC is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Tata Education Trust.

For information on the NFSC Board of Trustees, Staff, Annual Audit Reports and details of programme development, click here.

To unsubscribe from this newsletter, mail You can also give feedback, suggestions or criticism at

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