August 2008

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In our Archives

Madhubani images collected from previous workshops are being added to our archives. The collection can be viewed at our centre shortly.

Conferences online

NFSC now offers you the facility to host conference papers and details online. The conference on Land Reform organized by Seva Mandir and the Land Reform Programme under the Ministry of Rural Development has invited papers. Visit the site for details. Mail for help with putting your conferences online.

publication news

The NFSC portal for journals has full archives of the Indian Folklore Research Journal. Contributions have been invited to several journals on folklore that are to be hosted exclusively online. Click here for details. The new issue of Indian Folklife on the theme of Telugu Folklore can be accessed here

book nook

NFSC has brought out the following books recently:

Click on the titles for details.

more from our blog

Visit our blog to see details of what has been happening at NFSC and to stay updated with NFSC news. You can also sign up for updates by SMS or email about additions to our blog.

? July 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are glad to announce significant progress in our major projects – the setting up of Digital Community Archives in six locations, the Encylopaedia Indica and online learning at NFSC – and events to promote folk arts and contribute to discourse on folklore in the city.


At six locations across the country, indigenous communities and our collaborators are archiving the life, customs and worldview of the community through our digital community archives. For more information about the archives, click here.

For updates on activities at our centres in Orissa and Kerala, click on the state names. Click here to see the list of our collaborators.


The aim of this Encyclopaedia is to examine and present scientific information and folklore surrounding plants and trees, animals, and birds found in India. The Encyclopaedia will open with short essays on concepts important for understanding diversity of indigenous knowledge systems as embedded in specific environs and articulated as folklore.

Distinguished representatives of children’s publishing, wildlife enthusiasts, experts in biology, animal lovers and representatives of non-governmental organizations have been invited to join the Editorial Board and review the process of building this Encyclopaedia online.

A workshop has been scheduled with Madhubani artists to acquire art work about indigenous flora and fauna in distinctive folk art forms. For details, see the Events Calendar. Other workshops will be announced shortly.

Online Learning

The NFSC would be offering courses online that can be taken by independent scholars, students or teachers as part of a curriculum or as stand-alone modules.? Courses as varied as the lore of the transgendered, the study of Mahabalipuram or the political cartoon are being prepared with documentation archived at the Centre or in the collections of enthusiasts. The site offers the convenience of online learning, access to several other resources and, upon completion of the project, a direct link to the Encycolpaedia Indica Kids: Culture and Ecology project. ?Most courses are currently under construction. Click here to visit the site.


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Click on event for details.

July 29, 2008: S.A.K. Durga lectures on ?Transformation of Folk Tunes into Classical Ragas’ at Kalakshetra Auditorium, Thiruvanmiyur

July 31, 2008: Madhubani workshop at Stella Maris College inauguration

-The NFSC team

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