March 2011


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Dissemination of dictionaries

Dissemination of Seraikella Chhau Photobook

Presentations at Colleges


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Events Calendar:

March 4, 2011

Marupakkam along with NFSC will screen Two year Guarantee and Manipur Song at 6.00 p.m.

March 16, 2011

NFSC will screen the film Kelai Draupadi Director: Sasikanth/120 min col/Tamil a 6.00 p.m.

March 17, 2011

NFSC will screen the film Ninaivin Nagaram Director: Sasikanth/50 min col/Tamil at
6.00 p.m.

March 23, 2011

Tamil Nadu Thiraippada Iyakkam along with NFSC will screen the film Certified Copy/ France/2010/col/105 mins. Directed by Abbas Kiarostami. Starring Juliette Binoche, William Shimell.

March 24, 2011

Tamil Nadu Thiraippada Iyakkam along with NFSC will screen the film Gia Spain /1998/ col/ 125 mins. Directed by Michael Cristofer. With Angelina Jolie, Faye Dunaway, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mercedes Ruehl.

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NFSC Portal for Journals:

The 10th issue of Indian Folklore Research Journal, the recent issues of Lokaratna and Panuval have been published in our Journal Portal. Our sincere thanks to all contributors. To subscribe to IFRJ, please write to us here.

Full archives of all our journals are available in the Journal Portal.

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Information Corner

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is looking to fill two senior positions- Director, Programmes and Director, Marketing and Business Development. Visit here for more details. If Interested, you can post your resume here.

Looking for online resources for studying tribal cultures of South Asia? visit SOAS online archive. They have made online the photographs and films of Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf. With about 20,000 still images, 25 films and also some photos of J.P. Mills, it is quite a valuable resource indeed!

Journey through the folk music of Bengal! Visit The Travelling Archive an online collection of recordings and extracts of folk music of Bengal, recorded in the field by Moushumi Bhowmik and Sukanta Majumdar from 2003.

Ishara Theatre Trust and Adishakti – organizations headed by our two of our trustees, are performing in the ”Maximum India” festival at the Kennedy Centre, Washington DC. Visit here for more details.

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Interested in Volunteering?

We invite volunteers who can contribute online or at the Centre. Online volunteers can help with our website and wiki as contributors or editors. Volunteering at the Centre would involve helping organize programmes or workshops in colleges, schools or corporate houses. Those interested in volunteering can register online here or send in profile, bio-data, letter of interest, areas of work and experience and commitment of time to the address provided below. Those of you interested in volunteering with community media initatives, please visit Video Volunteers.

They have interesting opportunities for those enthusiastic about working with and making a difference in economically backward communities.

Ola friends!

The second month of the year has fled past and its time once again to share an update on what our Centre has been up to in the last month – Workshops, presentations at colleges, screenings and more! It has been quite an eventful month for us and we are bursting with news!

An appeal:

First things first. Our websites have been under virulent virus attack for the past ten days and we had to spend anxious moments till the removal of malicious ware from our websites couple of days ago. It was a drain on the humble resources of a small organization like ours. We appeal to the malware developers not to attack our repositories developed over years of hard work. What else can we do? For the large number of visitors who access our websites regularly, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Dissemination of dictionaries:

The past two months have been devoted to distribution of publications back to the community and we are happy to say that the dissemination of our recent publications is proceeding at an excellent pace.

The Vaagri-boli and Jenu Nudi dictionaries have already reached quite a number of teachers working with the Narikuravar and Jenu Kuruba children. Our colleague Ksheerasagar at the Jenukuruba Digital Community Archive has been conducting a series of workshops for teachers. The first workshop is just over, with the second scheduled to be held on the first weekend of this month.

Likewise, at the NFSC office in Chennai, we have been conducting a series of workshops for primary school teachers (visit here for photos). Guided by the anthropologist Bhakathavathsala Bharathi and the linguist author Srinivasa Varma the first workshop addressed the use of the Vagriboli dictionary and the audio visual documentation in imparting multilingual and mother tongue based education. Discussions on follow up workshops and brainstorming sessions on dealing with the with challenges of teaching first generation learners from the disadvantaged communities occupied the second sessions of the workshop. Based on the feed back from the participants of the first workshop our next workshop has been scheduled to be held on March 6, 2011.

Dissemination of Seraikella Chhau Photobook:

The dissemination strategies for the Seraikella Chhau photobook have been a little different. Conceived and produced as a community resource book, it aims to make the changing nature of Seriakella Chhau heritage accessible to the village communities. Our colleagues Sarah and Aruvi went on a field trip taking the book to the villages and documenting responses. Well, they are back and seem to have had an exciting time! ‘The response from each village was different and refreshing’, they said. The villagers were thrilled with the book supported by the Tata Education Trust! The excitement was palpable as artistes tried to diligently identify compositions they had performed and viewed our entire collection of photographs. While reminiscing about the dance and the practice sessions, they were happy that with financial support from the Tata Education Trust, we had captured so much of their cultural practices. Click here to view pictures showing people’s responses to our book “Cerebella Chao”.

The discussions generated by the book were also useful in gathering more information about the tribal dances of the region! We now have added to our archive, unique information about the dances of the Ho, San tal and Maunders communities. Watch our website for interesting news about these dances!

Presentations at Colleges:

As part of our dissemination strategy, we also visited various colleges and educational institutions, conducting presentations about folklore and the importance of community media. We displayed our publications and explained the importance of community media initiatives in the current context of globalization, changing technology and democratic governance. Interesting discussions with the students ensued. It was a mutually enriching experience, with the students getting a grass root level perspective of the media use for community empowerment and us, getting a refreshing perspective about media in higher education. Click here for more pictures.

NFSC News:

We are very proud and happy to announce that Mrs. Anuradha Shankar and Mr.Shankar, two very dear co-associates of NFSC and leading activists from the Narikuravar community are being awarded the ‘XII Sadguru Gnananda National Awards’ for excellence in social service, under the ‘Family in Social Work’ category. Our heartfelt congratulations to them!

Our director M.D.Muthu -kumaraswamy is back in town, after a hectic trip to Germany and Norway, participating in workshops, teaching courses and making public presentations in leading universities. He co-convened a workshop on “Gender and Beyond : new perspectives on gender studies in South Asia” along with Professors Heidrun Br?ckner and Viveka Rai. The details of the path breaking workshop can be accessed here.

In the second week of February, I had the opportunity to attend an important workshop on ‘Religious Pluralism’, hosted by Adishakti on behalf of the Ford Foundation. Addressing the ways religious diversity is upheld by high quality work in different disciplines and the arts was indeed refreshing!

With all our colleagues back from their travels, our team is reunited again, all set for the challenges ahead. Keep reading our newsletter to find out what we have been upto.

We welcome any comments, suggestions and feedback you might have. Write to us here.

We will update you again next month!


- Bhargavi Narayanan
Programme Officer
(Publications and Communication) NFSC

National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, registered in Chennai, dedicated to the promotion of Indian folklore research, education, training, networking, and publications. The aim of the Centre is to integrate scholarship with activism, aesthetic appreciation with community development, comparative folklore studies with cultural diversities and identities, dissemination of information with multi-disciplinary dialogues, folklore fieldwork with developmental issues, folklore advocacy with public programming events and digital technology with applications to voice the cultures of the marginalised and historically disadvantaged communities. Folklore is a tradition based on any expressive behaviour that brings a group together, creates a convention and commits it to cultural memory. NFSC aims to achieve its goals through cooperative and experimental activities at various levels. NFSC is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Tata Education Trust.

The NFSC is a member of the Credibility Alliance. For information on the NFSC Board of Trustees, Staff, Annual Audit Reports and details of programme development, click here. To unsubscribe from this newsletter, mail You can also give feedback, suggestions or criticism at NFSC, 508, Fifth Floor, ‘Kaveri Complex’, 96, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034, Tamilnadu, India

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