June 2011


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From Jenukurba DCA

From Narikurava DCA

From Seraikella Chhau DCA

Conferences, Films and stories

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Events Calendar:

June 3, 2011

MARUPAKKAM And National Folklore Support Centre Jointly organize screening of Cinema City, by Madhusree Dutta
at 6:00 p.m at the Center.

June 22, 2011

TamilNadu Thiraipada Iyakkam(TTI) along with NFSC will screen the film ‘The Counterfeiters‘ by Stefan Ruzowitzky
at 6:00 p.m. at the Center

June 23, 2011

TamilNadu Thiraipada Iyakkam(TTI) along with NFSC will screen the film ‘Curse of the Golden Flower‘ by Yimou Zhang
at 6:00 p.m. at the Center.

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Information Corner:

Interested in animated folk tales? visit http://ponnivala.com. A website that presents, for the first time, an animated South Indian Folk Epic on the Legend of Ponnivala.

Hello Readers!

How is the summer going? HOT isn’t it? Well, inspite of all the heat, we have had quite an eventful month!

From Jenukuruba DCA:

Ksheerasagar, our coordinator for the Jenukuruba archive, successfully conducted a ?Yajamanam? workshop. It was a workshop that brought together heads and shamans of various Jenukurba settlements. A fruitful discussion on the lifestyle of the Jenukurbas was conducted. The knowledge system of the Jenukurubas, their insight about the forest and animal behavior, their perception of death and after life, were all discussed and documented. The shamans who participated also brought up the concept of territory and its importance for Jenukurubas. The religious practices of the community were also discussed.

From Narikurava DCA:

Our colleagues at the Narikurava archive Shankar, Veerappan and Raja have gone to Perambalur, Thoraiyur, Thozhudoor and Trichy, collecting stories about their community and the practice of Kaali pooja . They interviewed community elders and documented them reminisce about the past and the stories handed through generations. All these stories and data are being transcribed by Anuradha, our admin staff. She has been consolidating these narratives and sending frequent reports on the progress.? Our colleagues at the archive have also been busy with the establishment of the community college. They are presently involved in taking a detailed census of the community and their requirements, a need based study, the first step in any community college initiative.

From Seraikella Chhau DCA:

At the Seraikella archive, the preparations for our next publication are underway. The publication, a collected volume of papers on ?Folk Dances of Jharkhand? is a collaborative effort, with Dr.Rabindranath Sharma, Assistant Professor, Central University of Jharkhand. As part of the collaboration, Central University will host a seminar on the ?Folk Dances of Jharkhand? and selected papers submitted to this conference, will get published as a collected volume. The first circular for the seminar is out! You can view it here.

Conferences, Films and Stories:

Our colleagues in Chennai have been busy with the data collected at the Narikuravar archive. All tapes, DV and mini DV recorded thus far have been brought here and converted to DVD formats. Presently, a copy of all DVDs will be taken back to the archive and logged in vaagri boli and English. The same process will be undertaken for the Jenukuruba archive as well. We hope to complete the synchronization of data between the Chennai office and the archives established at various other locations in the next two months.

We conducted a public program ?Remembering? Shanta Rao? ? a beautiful tribute to a legend in the world of dance. Delivered by Shri Asoke Chatterjee, the presentation moved each one of us present in the hall. The beautiful homage was even more special because not only was it an exercise in ?remembering? , an act so sacred and important in folklore and folk practices, but also for a unique artist ? Shanta Rao, an artist who learnt from masters who represented folk cultures. ?She learnt from Ramunni Menon, Menakshisundaram Pillai and unique techniques such as the Bhama Nrityam that are part of sacred rituals. The entire video documentation of this lecture will be uploaded in our You Tube channel soon! Don?t miss it!

The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees of NFSC was held on Friday, 27 May, 2011. The narrative report for the year 2010 ? 2011 was presented and approved.? In June 2011, our Director M.D.Muthukumaraswamy is off to Oslo, to attend a conference in the University of Oslo. More news on that, in our next newsletter!

In the meanwhile, check out our screenings for the month. We have three awesome films lined up for you! Click here and here for further details.

We will catch you next month!



- Bhargavi Narayanan
Programme Officer
(Publications and Communication) NFSC

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