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Launch of Multimedia books

The Vagri Dictionary

The Tata Fellowship for the Northeastern India 2010


Encyclopaedia Indica

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Events Calendar:

July 20

Tamil Nadu Thirappada Iyakkam (TTI) along with NFSC will screen the film ‘Revenche‘ (gotz spirelmann/Austria/2008/120 min) 6:00 p.m.

July 21

TTI along with NFSC will screen the film ‘Kerala cafe‘ (10 directors, 10 story, one cinema/ Malayalam/2009/135 mins), 6:00 p.m.

July 29

NFSC proudly presents the Padmashree Komal Kothari Endowment Lecture 2010 on Creative Dissonances: The traditional sanskrit theatre Kudiyattam in the global context
by Dr. Heike Moser
at 6:00 p.m.

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From Our Journal Portal:

All issues of Indian Folklife can be accessed at our Journal Portal. Full archives of the Indian Folklore Research Journal are available at our Journal Portal. NFSC Books and Monographs can also be accessed at our Journal Portal. As you all must be aware that this service was launched as there is no existing software to help authors and scholars to publish their books and monographs online

Keeping with our tradition for innovation, we have customized the open journal system to do the same. You too can send in your contributions to muthu@indianfolklore.org

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Encyclopaedia Indica:

We have some new entries on our Encyclopaedia Indica. Find out more about the folklore related to the Neem Tree and the Dilo Oil Tree. These interesting articles
were contributed
by N. Amirthalingam. Folktales related to Cobra can also be found at our website.

Below is a Madhubani painting of a Camel also known as the “Ship of the Desert” by artists Kiran Devi, Phoolmaya Devi and Shanthi Devi. Folktales relating to the Camel will soon be posted on Encyclopaedia Indica.

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Volunteer at NFSC:

We invite volunteers who can contribute online or at the Centre. Online volunteers can help with our website and wikias contributors or editors. Volunteering at the Centre would involve helping organise programmes or workshops in colleges, schools or corporate houses. Those interested in volunteering can register online here or send in profile, bio-data, letter of interest, areas of work and experience and commitment of time to the address provided below.

Dear Friends!

A warm hello to all of you from the NFSC team!

As we move on from the summer of June to that of July, it is time to share, once again, all what we have been up to the last one month. Do read on and keep with the latest here!

Launch of Multimedia book:

June 2010, 1.jpgOur colleagues at the Seraikella, Jenukurabar and ashakulam digital community archives have been busy publishing the first multimedia books from the material available from our archives. Yes! You read right! We now have in our expanding collection of resources, three valuable multimedia books, that combine audio visual and print publications regarding each community. Informative, stimulating articles on the communities, vibrant photographs of their lifestyle and educational videos on their ‘every day’ are all available in one place! These books have ofcourse, been uploaded in our website.

To view the Jenukuraba Multimedia book, click here.

To view the Narikurava Multimedia book, click here

To view the Seraikella Multimedia book, click here

The Vagri Dictionay

Our colleagues Mr.Srinivasan Verma and Mr.Vinodh are working hard on compiling the Vagri dictionary. With 2,381 words already done, the dictionary includes 5 contexts of reference. Each Vagri word transliterated to english, will be written in Vagri, Gujarati and Hindi, with meanings and definitions in Tamil and English. This unique multilingual dictionary project will come to a fruitful closure at the end of August when we add it to our growing collection of archives and make it available for public viewing.

The Tata Fellowship for Northeastern India, 2010

In keeping with our goal of encouraging organic researchers from within the community to conduct in depth study of their own community, we are happy to announce, yet again, the Tata fellowships for North Eastern India 2010. This program, as mentioned, facilitates an experienced scholar belonging to one community from the region to work collaboratively with an elder from another community or an artist to document the tradition of the community elder/artist for a period of one year.

Each fellowship will carry an award of Rs.8000 per month for the scholar and another Rs.8000 per month for the community elder or artist. In addition to the monthly award each fellowship carries a contingency of Rs.50,000 per annum to cover travel and documentation expenses.

The last date to apply for this fellowship is 30th June 2010.

Click here for more details.


For children interested in painting, exploring the magic of colours or in just having fun, we conducted a painting workshop during their summer break. The workshop,organised on 29th May 2010, was facilitated by our colleague Mr.Sundar and saw a healthy participation of twenty four children. With physical and mental exercises, the workshop concluded in a painting competition which all our young participants enthusiastically took part in.

And that’s not all! Coming up on 29th July 2010 is a talk by Dr. Heike Moser (University of Tuebingern/Germany, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies. Dept.of Indology) on the traditional Sanskrit theatre in the global context. Titled creative dissonances, the talk will explore the cultural flow of an art form in contemporary contexts and problematize notions of ‘tradition’, ‘authenticity’ and ‘cultural propriety’. Based on the processes of cultural crossovers in Kudiyattam (traditional Sanskrit theatre of kerala) it looks at these concepts as sites of struggle that need to be challenged and redefined. Click here for more details.

Those of you interested in an invigorating discussion and a thought provoking interaction, please attend this lecture. It’s happening at our very own NFSC, Nungambakkam. Do attend and share your views and thoughts!.

Encyclopaedia Indica:

Encylcopaedia Indica is undergoing a major makeover to make it 4.jpgmore reader-and-kid-friendly.

Meanwhile, the latest addition to our M.D. Muthukumaraswamy’s NFSC Lore‘s is “The story of the first mole”. You can also find out “Why the bear has a short tail” and many more such enchanting tales.

We will get back to you next month with more news and stories!

Until then,


- Bhargavi Narayanan

Programme Officer (Publications and Communication) NFSC

National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, registered in Chennai, dedicated to the promotion of Indian folklore research, education, training, networking, and publications. The aim of the Centre is to integrate scholarship with activism, aesthetic appreciation with community development, comparative folklore studies with cultural diversities and identities, dissemination of information with multi-disciplinary dialogues, folklore fieldwork with developmental issues, folklore advocacy with public programming events and digital technology with applications to voice the cultures of the marginalised and historically disadvantaged communities. Folklore is a tradition based on any expressive behaviour that brings a group together, creates a convention and commits it to cultural memory. NFSC aims to achieve its goals through cooperative and experimental activities at various levels. NFSC is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Tata Education Trust.

The NFSC is a member of the Credibility Alliance. For information on the NFSC Board of Trustees, Staff, Annual Audit Reports and details of programme development, click here. To unsubscribe from this newsletter, mail info@indianfolklore.org. You can also give feedback, suggestions or criticism at info@indianfolklore.org NFSC, 508, Fifth Floor, ‘Kaveri Complex’, 96, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034, Tamilnadu, India
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