August 2011


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National Seminar

Projects and Programs

From the Chennai Office

Conferences, Films and stories

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Events Calendar:

August 5, 2011

Marupakkam and NFSC jointly organize screening of I have ignored this love for long (18 min/ English; documentary) by R.V.Ramani and 1000 days and a dream by P. Baburaj & C. Saratchandran (60 mins/ English; documentary)
at 6:00 p.m at the Centre. August 18, 2011

NFSC organizes a special screening of the film Punarjjani (Documentary/ English/ 30 mins/ India/2011) by Madhu Eravankara
at 6:00 p.m. at the Centre.

August 24, 2011

TamilNadu Thiraipada Iyakkam(TTI) along with NFSC will screen the film ‘Your Next Life‘ by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
at 6:00 p.m. at the Centre

August 25, 2011

TamilNadu Thiraipada Iyakkam(TTI) along with NFSC will screen the film ‘Bright Star‘ by Jane Campion
at 6:00 p.m. at the Centre.

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NFSC Portal for Journals:

The latest issue of our flagship publication Indian Folklife is out! Visit our journal portal to download and read it first!

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Volunteer at NFSC:

We invite volunteers who can contribute online or at the Center. Interested volunteers can register online here or send in profile, bio-data, letter of interest, areas of work and experience and commitment of time to the address provided below.

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Information Corner:

The latest issue of ‘Mukt-saad’,a journal on the Nomadic and Denotified communities, hosted by NFSC is now out! Click here to view the journal.

If you are interested in contributing to this journal, please mail your contributions to the Editor Aruna Joshi here.

Hello Readers!

The first monsoon showers are here! The sudden showers and pleasant evenings are welcome reliefs from the sweltering hot months of summer aren’t they? The weather is ideal for travel and at NFSC, we now give you the perfect excuse to take a break!

National Seminar:

National Folklore Support Centre is very happy to announce a National Seminar on ‘Folk Dances of Jharkhand’. Scheduled for the 25th and 26th of August 2011, at the Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, this seminar is an initiative to encourage local scholars and artistes to participate. We invite interested scholars to submit abstracts to the Dr.Rabindranath Sarma, Associate Professor, Central University of Jharkhand. Select papers fr om the seminar will be compiled and published as collected volume on the Folk Dances of Jharkhand. If you need more information, write to us here.

Projects and Programs:

The jenukuruba archive collaborators Ksheerasagar, Kikkeri Narayan and Somanna visited us at NFSC. We discussed our plans of handing over the archive project to the community. The Jenukuruba Photographbook was also discussed at length and an elaborate chapter plan was evolved. A timeline for the completion of the book was drafted and a preliminary selection of photographs to be used was also done.

The Tata North East Fellowship programs are progressing at a good pace. The projects by Oinam Doren and Kailash Dutta are due for completion in September 2011. Both fellows are in the final stages of finishing their projects.

Digitization of documented material is being done and the annual reports are due to be compiled. The fellows are in the final stages of data collection and review.


From the Chennai Office:

At NFSC we have also been busy with fieldwork the last month. Aparna and Aruvi went for a week long field visit to Seraikella. The objective was to synchronize the archive collection at Chennai and that in Seraikella. The field staff was trained to log the photographs according to the archive system we have evolved in Chennai. Video clippings of all compositions are to be made and stored for quick reference and retrieval. The visit was extremely productive. Our field Co-ordinator Guru Tapan Kumar Pattanayak informed them of the probable inclusion of Chahu in the primary school syllabus of schools. The inclusion will happen the next time the syllabus is revised. Joyful tidings aren’t they? Well, we are elated too!

Sunder and Vijay were also away on fieldwork last month. They headed to Ariyanur village to document the ‘Padukalam’ ritual that happens as part of the Draupadi Amman worship in North Arcot district of Tamil Nadu. They video-graphed the entire ritual and collected around two hours of footage that will soon be archived.

Awards, Films and Stories:

National Folklore Support Centre is proud to announce the Haridas Bhatt award for the year 2011. Haridas Bhatt award is awarded annually to recognize outstanding contribution to folklore. We are very happy to award the 2011 award to Dr. M.Prabhakar Joshi from Mangalore. Mr. Joshi is a renowned scholar and artiste of an outstanding order. He has many publications on Yakshagana to his credit. Our heartfelt congratulations to Mr.Joshi!

And that’s not all! To celebrate this excellent weather, we have planned an additional screening for you this month, apart from the usual ones from Marupakkam and TTI. Organized as part of our public program events, this session will bring you face to face with the film maker Madhu Eravankara. Madhu Eravankara is a Film Director, Writer, Film Scholar & Film Critic. His film Punarjjani will be screened on 18 August, 2011. Visit here for more details.

That’s all we have for you this month! Don’t forget to catch all our screenings! ‘Your Next life’ and ‘Bright Star’ with TTI and ‘I have ignored this love for long’ and ’1000 days and a dream’ in collaboration with Marupakkam.

We will see you next month!


- Bhargavi Narayanan
Programme Officer
(Publications and Communication) NFSC

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