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Message from Dorothy Noyes: Ohio State University announces new PhD fellowships in folklore

September 20, 2012  Published by

Dear colleagues, The Center for Folklore Studies is delighted to announce that the College of Arts and Sciences of the Ohio State University has created two new graduate fellowships targeted for folklore students. Because our PhD program is interdepartmental, these fellowships will make it easier for us to admit students whose research interests do not align well with departmental priorities. They will also allow us to offer a total of six years of support instead of the usual five, allowing for a supported fieldwork year. Students will continue to apply through our participating departments, and most folklore students will continue to be supported by departments and eligible for the usual competitive university fellowships. Students wishing to be considered for the folklore-specific fellowships should notify both the intended department and the Center for Folklore Studies to ensure joint review of their applications. The support package for the fellowship awardees will normally consist of six years of tuition and fees plus nine-month living stipend, broken down as follows: three years as a teaching assistant in the relevant department, two years as archivist or graduate assistant in the Center for Folklore Studies, and one year on fellowship. (This is for students entering at MA level; students with the MA will receive fewer years of funding. Continuity of funding from year to year assumes the student's satisfactory academic progress.) The fellowship year will come after the PhD candidacy exam, typically in the fourth year; the distribution of the other years will be worked out between the student, CFS, and the department, subject to program needs. In this way, students will build up a strong and varied teaching profile along with archival and administrative experience. It is expected that in most cases the fellowship will free students up for a fieldwork year. Students will earn a degree in the relevant department along with a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Folklore. International students are eligible for support and warmly encouraged to apply; please note that a long lead time is required for a successful international application. For further information, see In practice, we find it easiest to evaluate and easiest to admit international students when they come to us through the Fulbright program or with a grant from their home country: please explore these possibilities. Graduate admissions are limited in number and therefore highly selective. Our PhD students have done well in a difficult job market. Prospective students should contact Prof. Ray Cashman, CFS Director of Graduate Studies > to discuss intellectual interests and departmental fit, and to alert us of your intention to apply. We encourage you to explore the Center website beforehand to familiarize yourself with our faculty and programs. Dorothy Noyes Professor, Departments of English and Comparative Studies Director, The Center for Folklore Studies> Research Associate, The Mershon Center for International Security Studies The Ohio State University


Message from Brenda Beck: Publication of Annanmarswami kathai as a graphic novel

September 15, 2012  Published by

Dear Colleague,

I am happy to share the good news that a project I have worked on for
nearly 50 years has just become accessible to all via the internet.
The Legend of Ponnivala is a major South Indian oral folk epic that I
collected in 1965 from a singing bard. I have now overseen its
animation in 26 colorful episodes using artwork inspired by genuine
South Indian folk traditions. My team and I have also compressed the
story into 26 full color graphic novels.

As culturally informative reading books for young people The Legend of
Ponnivala is a vividly entertaining adventure story. As a resource
that invites insightful analysis by college students wishing to learn
about India, the Ponnivala story presents many indigenous Hindu folk
ideals in a crystallized, colorful and memorable form.

Series 1 of the larger Ponnivala graphic novel set is available now as
13 ebooks in English on Amazon Kindle. Series 2, along with a Tamil
language edition, will be available shortly. Just type “Ponnivala”
in Kindle’s search box, or go directly to

(Kindle reader apps are available for a wide variety of devices and
desktop platforms at no cost from

Teachers interested in using some of my analytic essays and study
guides on various Ponnivala topics are welcome to contact me. Our
animated videos, including two feature-length overviews of the story,
are also available for classroom use. Some key points of study include
the roles of various Hindu gods and goddesses, traditional family
structure and social values, the nature of political leadership,
mythic tales of creation, core events in medieval Indian history,
links to the Mahabharata and much more.

I hope you will join me in discovering more about The Legend of
Ponnivala, my passion and the focus of my work for more than four

Yours sincerely,
Brenda Beck
Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology, The University of