Folklore and Folkloristics

Folklore and Folkloristics is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes articles in English and Bengali.

Request for online/manuscript submissions should be addressed to Sk. Makbul Islam, Editor in Chief, Folklore and Folkloristics, Reader and Head, Department of Bengali, St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata, India

Vol 4, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam


‘Cast Out’: Namboodiri Women in Lalithambika Anterjanam’s Short Stories PDF
Dr Elizabeth Susan Paul
Puri Jagannath Chetana Reflected Through Temples of Assam PDF
Dr. Joy Jyoti Goswami
Representation on Stage: Deconstructing Folk-Elements in Arun Sharma’s Buranjipath. PDF
Namrata Pathak
Bengali graphic novels for children-Sustaining an intangible heritage of storytelling traditions from oral to contemporary literature PDF
Dr. Lopamudra Maitra
Indigenous Mawalli Peoples of Sundarban: Livelihood and Socio- economical Background PDF
Dr. Tapan Ray


The Muslim Women: Rights and the Reality PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam
Cultural Heritage of Coastal Odisha: theme Paper of National Seminar PDF
Dr. Santosh Kumar Mitra

Young Scholars Reflection

A study of John Keats’ Lamia as a `heterotopology’1 entwining Wiccan magic and empowerment of women PDF
Amrita Bhattacharyya
Traditional and Modern Khasi Riddles: An Analytical Study PDF
Rimika Lanong


Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University executed field work on Folklore studies PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam
International Human Rights: A Vision for Indian Context PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam
Pir Cult in Prachi Valley, Orissa: A Study on Revered Jahania Pir PDF
Dr. Imran Khan
Students in Higher Education in Tripura: Socio-Economic Background and Quality Education - A summary of executed work PDF
Dr. Anjali Chakrabarty
Kendera and Kendera Geeta (Song) PDF
Amar Mishra


Folklore: The Journal of folklore society PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam

News and Information

News and Information PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam

Rabindranath Tagore Special Issue

Special Editors Note PDF
Dr. Mita Sarkar (Das)
Geetanjali; Nobel; And Backdrop PDF
Dr. Mita Sarkar
Tagore and his Paintings PDF
Dr. Palas Ch Coomar
Tagore : Nivedita : Relations PDF
Ayan Guha
Creativity of Rabindranath: Application of Taal in Rabindrasangit PDF
Sandip Kumar Ghosh
Sri Jagannath Culture Complex and Rabindranath Tagore PDF
Dr. Sk. Makbul Islam