VOL 5 & 6 (2013)

An e -journal of Folklore Foundation, Odisha
Bhubaneswar, India

Table of Contents

VOL V/VI 2013

Contents PDF
Content .
Message from the Editor- in- Chief PDF
Dr Mahendra Kumar Mishra
A Word from the Guest Editor
Dr AnandMahanand
Cultural History of Dalits and Their Relationship with Natural Resources PDF
Dr BasudevSunani
Learning from Stories: A Philosophical Perspective PDF
Dr Ranjan K. Panda
Reading BruhatTapoi (KhudurkuniOsha) PDF
Radharan iNayak, Dr SeemitaMohanty
Indigenous Knowledge of Sundarban PDF
Dr Tapan Ray
Socio-cultural Praxis and Stylistics In Selected Odia Proverbs PDF
Dr Pratap Kumar Dash
Ruminating the Rural Rhythms: A Study of Odishan Folktales PDF
Pramod K. Das, Narayan Jena
Songs of Methor Women PDF
AmitRauth .
A Glimpse of Folk Art: Various Patachitra PDF
Dr Gopal Chandra Bayen
The Continuity and Changes among the Mundas Of Baladiabandha: A Sociological Investigation. PDF
Shilpi Panda
UsingSambalpuri Language and Cuture in Teaching English at the Secondary Level in West Odisha PDF
SadanandaMeher .
Challenges of Elementary Education Among Primitive Tribal Groups: A Case of Bonda Hills PDF
RashmirekhaBarik .
Abolkara: The Odyssey of a Disobedient Hero PDF
Dr KailashPattanaik

Book Reviews

Echoes of the Oppressed: Stories of the Marginals PDF
SwagatikaPanigrahi .
Critical Pedagogy, Eco-literacy and the Planetary Crisis: The Eco Pedagogy Movement PDF
Professor Radhamohan


A Conversation With Professor B.N. Patnaik PDF
Dr AnandMahanand, Ajit K. Pradhan


Series of Talks on Multilingual Education by Dr Mahendra K. Mishra at EFL University, Hyderabad PDF
SadanandaMeher .