Guru Nanak: Prophet of Unity

Swami Rasajnananda


Guru Nanak was verily the prophet of unity. In his own words, “Abide pure amid the impurities of the world: thus shalt thou find the way of religion,” and “Religion consisteth not in mere words; He who looketh on all men as equal is religious.” The wide tolerance taught by him, social cohesion achieved by his efforts and the deep love he bore to all, is evident in that even today people lovingly and reverently remember him as the Guru for Hindus and the Pir for Muslims when they utter the following words: ‘Guru Nanak Shah Fakir Hindu ka Guru, Musalman ka Pir.’ The author, Swami Rasajnananda has admirably dealt with the Guru’s life in the article below. The treatment is lucid and contains a wealth of details. The Swami ends his write-up with the following pertinent observation: “In view of his (Guru Nanak’s) invaluable gift of eternal spiritual riches to mankind, he continues to be a source of guidance and inspiration to seekers after Truth.” An excellent write-up on a great saint, a man of God.

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