The Monk Who Mesmerised the World

Aiyushman Dutta


Geshe Ngawang Tashi Bapu or simply Lama Tashi is the President of the
Siddhartha Foundation in India and former Principal Chant Master of the Dalai
Lama’s Drepung Loseling Monastery in India—one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist
monasteries in the world with over 3,000 monks. He has travelled extensively
throughout the planet, teaching, performing, and recording with monks from his
Monastery. He is also the first monk and one of the very few Indians to be
nominated for the prestigious Grammy awards.

The author of this article on Lama Tashi, Shri Aiyushman Dutta has dealt with his subject in a fitting manner. This article of his had earlier been published in the Melange magazine of the daily newspaper The Sentinel. The author forwarded it to us for publication in Ishani and we are carrying it as we feel that we must tell the readers of Ishani about the illustrious figure from the North-east.

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