“Gandhi Raja”, Kamakhya Das and Khadi

Ankur Acharya


Kamakhya Prasad Das is one of the handful of surviving citizens of Assam who had the privilege of having seen Gandhiji personally. Blessed with good health, the nonagenarian Kamakhya Prasad Das, a freedom fighter, continues to remain active. He is normally present on all occasions and events related to Mahatma Gandhi at Guwahati. He was more fortunate as he also had an occasion or two to briefly interact with Gandhiji.
As we have mentioned in our comments section, Ishani looks forward to contact as many individuals in the northeast as possible who had seen Gandhi. Recollections of their experience of having seen or met Gandhi
are bound to prove of interest as the majority of people today have only heard of Gandhi or have read about Gandhi. Shri Kamakhya Prasad Das was the first person who was approached by Ishani to record his memoirs briefly. We are very happy to present this account in our first issue of the resumed Ishani.
In case of Shri Kamakhya Prasad Das, he has continued to work throughout his life in the field of khadi. Khadi is one of the most important items in constructive programme that Mahatma has designed for the reconstruction of India.

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