Sashimeren Aier as I knew him

Natwar Thakkar


The article was written to be included in a volume to be published shortly to commemorate the memory of late Shri Sashimeren Aier. We are reproducing it here as he has been rightly described as the architect of Nagaland state. But he was much more than that. Firstly, he was one of the finest human beings I had the good fortune to know and meet. He was also a great admirer of many characteristics of Naga way of life. But he was also a staunch integrationist. He firmly believed that the Naga aspirations can be fulfilled without any hindrance even by remaining a part of Indian Union. He suffered from misunderstanding and even wrath of some but worked painstakingly to carve out Nagaland state. Once the state became a reality, he worked tirelessly for its progress in all respects.

As the article reveals, the Nagaland Gandhi Ashram had a special relationship with him. This is another reason behind reproducing the article here.

Late Mr. Aier was the first Naga to obtain a Post Graduate Degree. He was also a storehouse of information about Naga customs, manners, traditions, folklore and inimitable humorous stories of the Ao Naga tribal lore.

Ishani bows to the memory of this great Naga who also took pride in being a member Indian humanity.
                                                                                           –— Editor

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