Gandhiji And Ramanama

Manubehn Gandhi


The incident narrated below took place in course of Gandhiji’s peace march in the District of Noakhali, which is now a part of Bangladesh. An atmosphere of bloodshed, cruelty, suffering, loss of lives and property prevailed everywhere in the district. The law enforcing machinery was ineffective in controlling the violence and destruction, Mahatma Gandhi prompted by his inner voice undertook a walking tour to make the people to shun violence and return to sanity. Gandhiji in normal times used to move with a big entourage. But while on his peace march on foot in Noakhali, he had announced that he would like to move alone with only a companion or two to help him. All other members of his entourage were directed to spread out in the district in different centers, work for peace and they were also asked to sustain themselves on their own.
The writer of this anecdote, Manubehn Gandhi was one of his great granddaughters and a constant companion during his last days.

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