Reconstruction of society on spiritual foundation is our mission

Natwar Thakkar


Given below is the English translation of the inaugural speech in Hindi delivered at the 40th Sarvodaya Sammelan at Ahmednagar held from the 24th to the 26th of May this year.

Sarvodaya Samaj came into being soon after the death of Mahatma Gandhi. The idea of loose fraternity and naming it as Sarvodaya Samaj was conceived by late Gandhian stalwart, Acharya Vinoba Bhave and was elaborately discussed at an Assembly of the Associates of Gandhi that was held at Sevagram from March 13 to 15, 1948.

Sarvodaya Samaj is designed to be a loose fraternity of those who believe in the Gandhian values of Truth and Non-violence. It is non-political and it has no executive body. It is expected to assemble once in a year where main issues faced by the country and the world are to be deliberated upon. Similarly, the participants at the Sammelan are expected to exchange their experiences of working for the well being of the society.

The convening of the Sammelan and the responsibility of making necessary arrangements are entrusted to a convener who holds office for a limited number of years only.

It is a unique body wedded to building society on the foundation of Truth and Non- violence as practised by Mahatma Gandhi during his life’s mission. We are publishing some material on the idea of Sarvodaya Samaj elsewhere in this issue. It consists of the views of Gandhian stalwarts who were closely associated with Gandhiji and were also
connected with the creation of Sarvodaya Samaj.
                                                                                  — Editor

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