Global Warming: Possible Effects on the North-East

Samudra D Phukan


Global warming, as it is well known, is the result of the massive consumption of the fossil fuel that pollutes the air, and indiscriminate destruction of the natural wealth. This poses a serious threat to the very survival of the human race if rise in temperature by 0.8 degree centigrade between 1968 and 1989 and computer prediction of additional rise to 2 to 5 degrees by 2050 are any indication.
The author, an eminent technocrat of the region, shares his observations regarding the possible effect of global warming in the North-east. All those concerned with the region ought to take note of these observations. While
concluding his article he expresses unhappiness about the lack of relevant data in the North-east on this phenomena. He also points out that no serious effort is visible in this direction. This situation needs to be urgently attended to by the official as well as non-official agencies dealing with the Region.

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