A Gandhian from Australia visits Guwahati

Natwar Thakkar


It was a pleasant surprise for me when a few friends approached me sometimes towards the end of February to inform that a Gandhian from Australia was visiting Guwahati in the month of March. These friends belonged to an organization called Friends of Assam & Seven
Sisters (FASS). FASS is a non-profit Non Governmental Organization, an international ‘think-tank’ which is aimed at providing an inspirational energy and a motivating force for overall revival and development of North-east India in all its spheres. By the phrase ‘Assam & Seven Sisters’ they mean specifically the eight states of North East India: Assam,
Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura and Sikkim. I was informed that the name of the Gandhian under reference was Garvin Brown and a walk by him in Guwahati city had been planned on the 9th of March. These friends wanted me to participate in the proposed walk. I readily agreed to join.

This walk led by Mr Garvin Brown took place on the 9th March as planned earlier. The walk started from Dighalipukhuri, a well-known location. Dighalipukhuri is by the way the Assamese name for an elongated pond, dighali meaning long, and pukhuri meaning pond. A group of people, who had assembled for the walk, started from this location and concluded
at the well-known Gandhian Centre, the Sarania Ashram. A prayer meeting was held at the Ashram, and it was addressed by Mr Garvin Brown and a few other notable persons who were present on the occasion.

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