Seeing Disease and Identity in Relation to HIV/AIDS

Maniklal Bhanja


There are quite a few areas of anxiety in the North-east. One of them is prevalence of HIV AIDS in a major way in almost all states of the region, but more particularly in Manipur and Nagaland. The related area of anxiety is the prevalence of drug addiction. In fact there exists a link between
these two areas, because a major cause behind spread of HIV AIDS is through the use of common injection needles by the drug addicts. In our earlier series in Ishani, we had carried a couple of articles on the drug menace. We were also on the lookout for a competent author who can write about HIV AIDS. In course of our search, we came across the name of Prof. Maniklal Bhanja, teaching English at a reputed college situated in Tezpur. Prof. Bhanja, in fact, has prepared a highly acclaimed dissertation on HIV AIDS for getting doctorate.

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