Neglected, Deprived North-east: Is it the Whole Truth?

Nitin Gokhale


Readers of Ishani may recall the name of the author of this article as we had carried a very interesting article by him in the last issue of Ishani. The article was captioned as, “Smile Seven Sisters.” Acceding to our request, he has kindly sent us another article for the present issue. We look forward to regular contribution by him in our future issues also.

Shri Nitin A Gokhale, the author is working at present with NDTV, a leading 24-hr news channel of our country. Prior to joining NDTV, Shri Gokhale had been associated with the North-east for many years. He has interacted with all the important actors on the North-east scene. He has also been a witness of a number of crisis that emerged in this complex and colourful region of our country. He is thus eminently qualified to share his  experiences, observations, and insights regarding the North-east. In his present article, Mr Gokhale deals with a common complaint that is heard by the people of the region and also by those who come to serve the region. The complain is that this region is neglected by the Union
Government and its different agencies. Mr Gokhale has tried in this article to share his observations on the North-east with reference to this complain. He has an interesting style of writing which makes his article highly readable.

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