Acharya Sir !

Gokul Goswami


“A good teacher teaches and a great teacher inspires,” they say. Janardan Acharya was indeed a great teacher, who taught beyond the prescribed curricula of schools and guided the destiny of his students. In return, he got the love and respect of his students; in spite of the high position they held in society. He was a self-made man who by dint of hard work,
presence of mind and strong will, made his way through life on his own steam.
A disciplinarian to the core, he approached all tasks with the utmost dedication and sincerity. A true “Karmayogi”, he excelled in all the roles that he played in life, be it as a son, brother, father, husband or a social worker. He was well versed in the scriptures and lived his life as told in the “Gita”, and went about his various duties without any eye on the outcome.
He was a walking encyclopedia, and his advice was sought by all alike. Besides being a great teacher, Acharya Sir was also an ideal student, who considered education itself to be a very big goal.
In this write-up, various anecdotes of Acharya Sir’s life have been related which give an insight into the many facets of his personality.

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