Religion and the Science of Environment and Ecology

Punyabrata Basak


Readers of Ishani are familiar with the author of this article who had authored a highly valuable booklet on “Management of India’s Natural Resources”. He has been our esteemed well wisher and we have been benefited by his help of different kinds. In the present article he deals with the subject of, “Religion and Science of Environment and Ecology”.
Among other things Dr P. Basak has also been an outstanding teacher for many years. He has an interesting style of presentation and he deals with the subject in a manner that makes it easy for anyone to understand. In this article too he has dealt with a very important and a serious subject. Dr Basak has identified different questions that generally occur to most of the people on this question of science and religion. He has come out with
very interesting and enlightening definitions of the words science and religion. He also has found his answers and he shares them with us. I am sure all our readers will be greatly benefited by this article that is presented in a unique manner.

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