Relevance of Gandhi in Modern Time

Rajen Barua


We came across this article by Shri Rajen Barua as we were browsing the internet for any fresh material on Gandhi and Gandhian thought. He is an Engineer of Assamese origin, who has now settled in America and is staying at Houston. He is also the Chairperson/Head of an organization named as Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS). This was an interesting co-incidence because we had recently come in contact with the Guwahati based workers of FASS. Readers of Ishani may recall the report we had carried on the visit of Shri Garvin Brown to Guwahati. This visit was organized by FASS.
This article by Shri Barua has a special significance. We were attracted to it because there are only a handful persons in Assam of these days who write about Mahatma Gandhi or Gandhian thought. Shri Rajen Barua’s name suggested that he must be from Assam. We read his article with interest and decided to publish it in Ishani. We immediately got in
touch with Shri Barua and informed him about our appreciation of his article and also our desire to publish it in Ishani. His response was prompt and positive. He was happy to hear from us that we liked his article and we intend to publish it.
Mr Barua mentions in his article that Gandhi is greatly ignored or neglected in present day India. His contention is partly true. As elsewhere in the world, India too has started paying more serious attention to Gandhi. The more important part of Shri Barua’s article is how he is witnessing from America the kind of enthusiastic search almost all over the world for understanding Gandhi. Mr Barua himself is of course convinced of the
greatness and relevance of Gandhi.

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