An Envelope Saved My Life

Khanindra Mozumder


The serial blasts which took place in Guwahati on the 30th October, 2008 were a shocking event. Nearly a hundred people were killed and many times that number injured in varying degrees. The people suffered for long not only due to the physical injuries and losses but due to the trauma resulting from being either a victim or a witness to the blasts. In this issue of Ishani, we are presenting an eye-witness account of the blast at the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Court in Guwahati. The author of this account, Shri Khanindra Mozumder, who is a lawyer by profession, shares with us his heart-rending experiences on that fateful day. He has dwelt on the uncertainty of human existence carrying with it the message, “Do good. And do good now, for who knows you may not have another opportunity to serve your brethren.” Shri Khanindra also gives us another vital message through his narrative. The message is to refrain from harbouring an unnecessary ego, for you never know that the person you did not find worthy of your attention may turn out to be your guardian angel under critical circumstances.

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