Police Reform–the Need of the Hour

N N Changkakoti


This important article is being reproduced from the oldest circulating English Daily Newspaper of Assam, The Assam Tribune of December 8, 2008. It has been written in the wake of the 26th November, 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai. The Prime Minister himself in one of his recent
speeches has spoken about the importance and urgency of police reform all over the country. Other dignitaries, media, intellectuals and intelligentsia have also supported such a move. Under this background this article on the subject of police reform in Assam gains special significance. The author of the article Shri N.N. Changkakoti himself is a distinguished policeman with long experience. He rose to the position of Director General of Police in the State before he retired. Shri Changkakoti was invited by the State Government to serve as the Chairman of a high-level committee to look into ‘the health of the State police set-up and recommend measures for improving their effectiveness in dealing with the requirement of the current situation.’ The committee came out
with many important recommendations within seven months record time. In the words of the author himself, it was a comprehensive report. It is rather disappointing to recall that the recommendations made by the committee have remained un-implemented. It is, however, good that Shri Changkakoti is coming out with this article at a critical juncture in our nation’s life in general and that of Assam in particular. Shri Changkakoti has drawn attention to the major recommendation of the report of the
special committee and also to some steps that the Government of Assam should promptly implement.
Any observer or student of North-eastern affairs ought to read this article to derive the correct perspective of the functioning of Assam’s police department now and in the future.

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