The Loktak: The Mirror of Manipur

Tayenjam Bijoykumar Singh


The great Loktak lake of Manipur is one of the important landmarks of the North-east and an object of great pride for every citizen of Manipur. It is described by the author as the largest fresh water lake in North-east India. The author tells us about how the legends of the land of Manipur
are intimately intertwined with this extraordinary gift of nature to the people of Manipur. The author’s prose gets lyrical while describing the natural beauty of the lake. In this article, he mainly tells us about the role played by the Loktak Lake in shaping the culture of Manipur. We also are
served with some well-known folktales and historical events associated with the lake.
The readers of Ishani will recall another important article by the present author Tayenjam Bijoykumar Singh on the outstanding dramatist and performer of Manipur Shri Ratan Thiyam. Paying heed to our request, he has given us this beautiful piece of writing on the Loktak. He has
picked up the caption for the article from one of the songs sung by ballad singers of Manipur. An Engineer by profession, Shri Bijoykumar Singh has many literary achievements to his credit. We are indeed very happy to present his article on Loktak to the country-wide readership of Ishani.
Shri Bijoykumar Singh has also raised alarm about the threat which has emerged to the very existence of this beautiful gift of Nature to Manipur nay to India. The environmental degradation, thoughtless encroachments and the siltation taking place at an alarming rate are the disturbing
features of this threat. He also refers to a sign of hope that has emerged through the creation of Loktak Development Authority (LDA) by the State Government. We, however, feel that protection of Loktak and retaining its multi-faceted beauty and grandeur should be the concern of not only
the people of Manipur but the people of India as a whole. The  environmental activists of our country should take note of this. The reading of this article is a must for all who are concerned and associated with the colourful North-eastern region of our country.

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