‘Gandhi Works, Always’

Ashok Gopal


A unique body exists in our country known as the Sarvodaya Samaj. Sarvodaya means good of all. This word is also a gift of Gandhi to the nation. The main qualification for anyone to be a member of Sarvodaya Samaj is to believe in the  principles of truth and non-violence. It is a loose brotherhood of like-minded people. There are no office bearers in this organization. The responsibility of managing annual conferences is entrusted to a coordinator. It is expected to meet once in a year in any part of the country from where the invitation is received. It is generally a two or three days affair. The elders of the Gandhian fraternity and constructive workers spread out in different parts of the country share their experiences and concern during this conference. At the end of the
conference, a consensus statement is adopted. A practice also exists to invite an eminent personality to deliver the inaugural address, and another eminent personality to preside over the conference.

The last Sarvodaya Conference was held at Pune on 6,7,8 November, 2008. It was inaugurated by well-known social worker and Gandhian thinker Shri LC Jain. An interview taken by the journalist, Shri Ashok Gopal before this conference was held, was carried in the monthly organ of the Gandhi Memorial Trust, namely Sansthakul. We are happy to reproduce it here for the benefit of our readers. Shri Jain has his own special style of writing and speaking, which is considered as unique and impressive. In course of the interview, Shri LC Jain narrates some important experiences of his life and he also shares his thinking about the overall socio-political situation in our country.

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