Reuben Mashangva — a Wandering Minstrel from the Hills of Manipur

Aiyushman Dutta


The present article on Reuben Mashangva - a wandering minstrel from the hills of Manipur, by journalist Aiyushman Dutta, is interesting and ducative especially for the upcoming generation. Popularly known as the father of modern Naga Folk Blues, Reuben Mashangva has not only ediscovered and reinvented the variegated rich folk traditions of the Tangkhul Nagas, but he has also refashioned tribal musical instruments to suit the Western tonal scale. Reuben’s mission of popularizing his brand of music, singing of the common man’s joy and travails and also reviving age-old traditional folk culture is sure to have a long-term impact on many generations to come. Reuben, however, is not a mere practitioner or researcher of folk traditions. Besides unravelling the richness of his tribal heritage, Reuben has also managed to revive passion and interest in age-old tribal traditions. If he has received high accolades for his experimental folk music from the critics, he should also be credited for showing the way and inspiring many young artists towards innovative ways to preserve and develop folk music.

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