This Issue of Ishani

As this issue is also not being published in time, we have to offier our apologies. There is slight improvement in our pace and we shall continue this process.

This issue also offers a varid fare. I have continued my effort to inform and explain special features of the North-east and in this issue I have attempted to share some of the glimpses of the functioning of the village government of an Ao village. With all humility, I would suggest that anyone interested in the North-east may please read this small piece on the stray glimpses that I have tried to share in the comment section of Ishani.

An important and informative piece of writing is by late Paresh Chandra Deva Sarma on the propagation of National Language. National Language was one of the items that is included by Gandhiji in his small book describing constructive work. This constructive work was actually the blueprint of National Reconstruction. One item which was enthusiastically supported in Assam was the mission of spreading National Language. Stalwarts like Gopinath Bordoloi and others worked for it with enthusiasm and devotion. Any serious student of Assam will find Dr. Paresh Chandra Deva Sarma’s article a   valuable treasure.

Our Last Page in this issue also carries highly thought-provoking matter. The anecdote recorded by Acharya Kakasaheb Kalelkar is a valuable material to understand Gandhiji’s insight about man and nature relationship. Although conservation of environment and the subject of pollution was not spoken about during Gandhiji’s lifetime, he intuitively visualized the correct human behaviour. Our readers should find the Ao Naga folktale on the discovery of rice of considerable interest.

The articles focusing on the North-east are the Lama from Arunachal Pradesh, 500 year-old Durga Puja practiced by Jaintia Tribals of Meghalya, Bamboo cultivation technology by Dr. Sarkar, etc.

Col. Edward Fincke, the astronaut with distinguished record happens to be a son-in-law of Assam. He recently visited Assam, and the article on him by Anurag Rudra deals with his story and his sojourn. He also acquaints us with the personality of Renita Saikia, the wife of Edward Fincke.

We are very happy and greatly satisfied to carry the write-up on Guru Nanak by a spiritual seeker of Ramakrishna Order. Guru Nanak is one of the most adorable saints of our country, and the one who tirelessly preached harmony amongst societies and their faiths.

We hope this issue also will earn encouragement from our readers.

Natwar Thakkar